In 2001, Transformer Gaskets and Components (TGC) revolutionized the transformer parts industry. We dramatically reduced the delivery time for parts – which was up to 10 weeks in some cases – by forming cooperative buying agreements for key products. This gave our customers the purchasing power of an organization buying 4,000 units per month, rather than 30-50. The result was lower prices and delivery times of as little as 24 hours, helping TGC customers drastically reduce their inventories while still keeping operations running smoothly.

Our quest to change the industry didn’t stop with speed. We’ve also used years of customer feedback to improve the performance and reliability of the products we sell. Our current catalog includes more than 100 exclusive products manufactured to our enhanced specifications.

Don’t see it in the catalog? Our experienced customer service team is skilled in locating hard-to-find parts and is ready to help you find any component that we don’t have listed. We also have EOK distribution units in stock. Contact us today for a quote.

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